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Cannot be combined with any other offers, not valid on motorcycles. Some conditions may apply.

With the riding season is in full gear,  Clare's wants to remind everybody to check the safety of their motorcycle apparel.


• Manufacturers & distributors recommend replacing your helmet every 3 to5 years, depending on use, to ensure optimal helmet performance.

• Over time, UV rays, internal adhesives and components aging can deteriorate a helmet’s protective qualities.

• Exposure to gasoline, insect repellent, cleaning fluids, exhaust fumes and excessive heat can degrade helmet materials.

• If a helmet has been dropped or suffered an impact, it should be replaced immediately.

• A helmet is designed for only one impact, even a small one. An impact may fracture its outer shell as well as compress the inner liner, neither of which may be visible.

With a wide selection of DOT, ECE and SNELL approved helmets in stock, Clare's Cycle & Sports is your one stop shop for all branded gear and apparel. Take care of your valuable assets with a broad range of styles, price points and materials for both men, women and youth as well.

  • Jackets with insulated warmth or heat retention liners.
  • Mid layer fleece jackets and/or jean jackets
  • Full finger and/or gauntlet gloves
  • Full face, modular, 3/4 helmets and/or half helmets
  • Ankle and/or knee high riding boots
  • Rain gear
  • Proper eye wear
  • Mid layer fleece jackets and/or jean jackets
  • Riding pants
  • Face Masks & Balaclavas.
  • Winter Gear


We carry a large selection of sizing, colours, brands & purposeful helmets that make Clare's Cycle & Sports the first stop on your riding journey; stop in today and see which helmet best suites you. We carry Full Face & Modular helmets that include DOT, ECE and/or SNELL approved safety ratings that may or may not also include features for your riding desires. Each helmet is priced to suit your needs so come and find the right one for you today. 

*20% discount rack valid while supplies last. Limited sizes available. Some conditions may apply. Discount cannot be combined or applied to any other offers. All sales as marked. Offer not valid on motorcycles, atvs or power equipment.

The Winter riding gear is finally here and just in time for the Winter season. Call us at 905-892-2664 to see if we have what your looking for in stock for your riding needs. We have both adult and youth helmets in stock with heated visors along with heavy duty winter jackets to keep you warm no matter where the trails might bring you.

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FOR THE DEDICATED : We offer a large selection of Tourmaster, Olympia, Pro Speed, Fieldsheer, Icon and other brands in stock for year round riding that suits your lifestyle.

FOR THE WEEKEND WARRIOR: We offer well perforated textile jackets like Joe Rocket, Alpinestars, Olympia and other brands, mesh jackets, Icon and Pro Speed armored vests for the ride that you have planned.

FOR THE MX, ATV & SNOWMOBILE RIDERSWe offer a large selection of off-road helmets that meet different needs with different price points, full range of colour coded gear with many different brands to choose from, riding boots and protective equipment for the unexpected.
Our apparel and collectibles inventory changes when the seasons do so be sure to stop in periodically and see what selection is available. If there is something you're interested in and you don't see it in our inventory - we'll gladly accommodate and make a special order.


How do I find the best size?

Here is how to find the best size for you:

When choosing apparel, look for the best combination of function – i.e. safety, fit and fashion. You want to be comfortable, look good and know that your apparel is going to protect you should the need arise. If you're unsure, proceed with some research or you can ask a sales associate for the best informed decision.

  •  Is there constraints in the shoulders, chest and waste when throwing arms up to the side, above the head and in front of you? If so, then consider the next largest size and know the difference between "waterproof" and "perforated" to suit your riding style.

  • If necessary, try taking a seat on a motorcycle that is the most similar to your own. Make sure the length of the apparel is adequate to the riding position you'll be in.

  • Look for versatility and longevity in your riding apparel as it is not cheap to purchase and does not always meet the different conditions you may encounter in a riding season. There are jackets and pants with zip in/out liners which extend the time you can be comfortable in them.

  • The more ventilation options the better. It can get pretty hot and lots of air flow through ventilation is important particularly for jackets and full face helmets.

How will I know what features are the safest?

Here are some features you might be looking for:

Be sure to match the gear choice with the riding style that best suites you - i.e. protective padding, visibility & longevity. You want to make sure your seen out on the roads, protected in case of the worse and happy with the purchase for years to come. Apparel can be uncomfortable if it doesn't fit properly, make sure the choice of gear being worn isn't affecting the way you ride. 

  • Make yourself as conspicuous as possible at all times. Black looks great – but it can be hard to see. Look for reflective strips on your helmet, pants, jackets, boots & gloves that increase visibility at night, in the fog and/or rain. 

  • Helmets should have a tight & snug fit around the circumference of the head with very minimal movement along the temples. Overtime the memory foam will custom mold to the unique bone structure of your face. Wear it for 5 minutes around the shop and if it's uncomfortable at the end of this time, consider the next size larger.

  • Boots should cover your ankles and have an oil and/or gas resistant sole to prevent slipping when stationary. The shoe/boot should ideally have a clutch plate inserted on the toe as well as a firm ankle support system, this is important along with the texture of shoe/boot - leather v.s suede.


*20% discount rack valid while supplies last. Limited sizes available. Some conditions may apply. Discount cannot be combined or applied to any other offers. All sales as marked. Offer not valid on motorcycles, atvs or power equipment.




Keep your valuable assets protected with the latest in technology from kidney belts & joint armor to body protection and neck-braces. Stop by CLARE'S CYCLE & SPORTS TODAY!
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