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Honda Power Equipment

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Honda lawnmowers have exclusive technology, reliable features and details that make a difference.

Every Honda lawnmower features a reliable 4-stroke engine that delivers smooth, quiet performance. Plus, all Honda lawnmowers meet or exceed EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) emissions standards.

At Honda, innovation isn't just a buzzword. Innovation is the driving force behind every product we engineer. We take mowing your lawn as seriously as you do, which is why Honda has developed unique technologies and features you just can't find on any other mower.

NeXiteTM Deck

Exclusive to Honda's HRX mowers, NeXiteTM was developed to resist dents, rust and corrosion. NeXite has similar strength and impact resistance to polymer materials commonly found in football helmets and car bumpers, where it's critical to have a strong, yet lightweight material. Durable and easy to clean, the NeXite deck is the ideal mower deck.

RotoStopTM Blade Stop System

This advanced system stops and starts the blade rotation while the engine keeps running. This saves you time by eliminating the need for engine restarts when you empty the bag, cross gravel paths or move obstacles out of your way.

QuadraCutTM and MicroCutTM

Only Honda lawnmowers feature the twin-blade, QuadraCutTM mowing system, which provides four cutting surfaces to produce ultrafine clippings for better mulching and increased bag capacity. Smaller clippings decompose more quickly, adding valuable nutrients to your lawn. The Honda MicroCutTM twin-blade system, designed exclusively to work with the HRX Series decks, produces even finer clippings to further enhance cutting efficiency.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Honda’s select HRX and HRR series models feature infinitely variable hydrostatic drive transmission with Adjustable Smart Drive®, which allows you to walk at your own pace while easily adjusting ground speed to match mowing conditions. Forward and reverse motion, and acceleration and deceleration are freely controlled with a single lever.

Make Everyday Life Easy with a Honda Lawn Mower.


Why Buy a Honda Generator?

Honda generators are powered by quiet, efficient, easy to start 4-stroke Honda engines. This offers many advantages, including cleaner and quieter operation, fewer fill ups, reduced ownership costs and lower emissions.

Our latest inverter models are smaller, lighter and quieter than ever before, and many Honda generators produce voltage that is smoother and more consistent than other commercially available power sources.

Honda Advantage Technologies

Today, Honda generators are at work around the world – from equatorial jungles to research posts north of the Arctic Circle. Over 30 years of power-equipment development by Honda engineers have g

iven rise to a varied line of hard-working generators with exclusive technologies and features.

CSA Approved

All Honda Generators meet or exceed CSA (Canadian Standards Association) safety and EPA emissions standards. Not all manufacturers of portable generators can make this claim.

Cold Climate Technology

Honda's industry leading "Cold Climate Technology" is specifically designed for our cold Canadian winters. Our exclusive breather heater system helps keep the crankcase ventilation tube free of ice formation and helps prevent generator shutdown.

Super Quiet

Honda's Super Quiet portable generators feature exhaust and muffler technology that give them lower noise ratings within the 48-60-decibel level (dB-A) ranges, so you'll never have to worry about disturbing your neighbors – or your own peace and quiet.

Dual Voltage Selection

Honda’s high-output generators offer the best in electrical standby power and are available in 5000 to 6500-watt categories. The dual voltage inverter configuration allows you to power up appliances that require 120 or 240 volts.

Why Choose a Honda Tiller?

Honda tillers are smooth running and exceptionally quiet, and our
high-quality, commercial-grade features make short work of tough jobs.  A single pass with a Honda tiller will comfortably leave behind just what you want – fully conditioned soil that's at its best.


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